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Oh God, you know your work life if fucked when the only reason you want to go back to work is because you're 98% sure your feet will be less cold at work than when you stay home.
Of course having said that chances are the aircon will be on the fritz again come Monday and the place will be freezing.

In better news I have finished watching the third season of Justified and even suffering from the death flu I couldn't help but be excited by it. At the end of nearly every episode I asked my computer screen 'How so awesome Justified?'. The stupid thing is; while it's off the air I tend to forget how great this show is, with the result that I end up only watching the episodes after the season has already ended.
Side effect of this is that all other shows sort of pale in comparison. (With the notable exception of Parks and Rec of which I was so happy to see a new episode today.) I think I will re-watch the entire series so far just to revel in the awesomeness a little longer, plus it's fun to see where it started and count how many people Raylan has shot in three seasons time.
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