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Guh. This past week my brain has been eaten by Generation Kill. My obsession with military men, let me show you it. heh
It began with Band of Brothers and Jarhead, and even though I tried to hold it off (I lasted a whole year and everything), it definitely grabbed me now. My only complaint is that there seem to be very few hi-res caps available. I can’t make my own because I’m watching it in .avi format and don’t have the DVDs. Yet. I’m incredibly tempted to go out and buy the DVDs tomorrow, but on the other hand it would probably be smarter to wait until I get back from Paris and actually know if I have money to spent on it in the first place. Argh!

Anyway, let me talk about just how good this show is; the biggest surprise, for me, was/is how unbelievably hot Alexander Skarsgard is as Sgt. Brad Colbert. Really, really hot. He’s a great actor with a fantastic sarcastic (rhyming!) voice, the stuff he says man. The monologues he throws out there like it’s nothing and that are both intelligent and full of curse words, are amazing. I always knew sarcasm was a thing for me, but this just takes it to a whole new level. I’d only ever seen him in True Blood as Eric the scary asshole vampire, who as a character rated below even Jason for me. (At least Jason did something interesting every once in a while, like get a monster erection that won’t go down. /sarcasm) I never got further than episode 8 so I have no idea if his character was developed further in later episodes. Although I do plan to start watching again in the near future, if only because all the crack makes me laugh.
But back to GK; it’s so good because it’s realistic and current, but also because it’s down right funny in places. Mostly places where Ray Person opens his mouth (which is to say, a lot), who is like the George Luz of GK only high and talking a lot more smack.
The whole cast is incredible, which makes me hope they take home at least some of the Emmys they’ve been nominated for and we get to see them all up there in their suits. :D Of course I’m not doing the show and all that it is about any justice by just talking about how hot the actors in it are but, well I never talk about hot boys!
I hope to do a more elaborate post including quotes and caps from the series once I have the DVDs.

I was talking about going to Paris earlier, which made me go back and look through my pictures from my last visit there.
In other words, Paris; a picspam. )


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