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It's an odd day, today. Kind of quiet and the office stuffy and warm since they took away our air conditioning unit which looked like a bigger version of R2D2 (this is mostly a good thing since was like sitting next to a vacuum cleaner all day, while it was on).

Stuffy & Warm = major headache by the time I went home. Ow.

Of course I spent the evening watching Top Gear and playing Draw Something on my phone, so that helped as both of those things require little brain power. :)
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Oh God, you know your work life if fucked when the only reason you want to go back to work is because you're 98% sure your feet will be less cold at work than when you stay home.
Of course having said that chances are the aircon will be on the fritz again come Monday and the place will be freezing.

In better news I have finished watching the third season of Justified )
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Oh my god, most boring shift at the pool ever! Everything is clean and/or restocked, there is nothing left to do but wait until everyone has left.

Not even the two cute guys I'm working with can alleviate this level of boredom. Le sigh.
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Feel free to tl:dr.

* The neighbours across the street have a new dog and it will not shut up. According to my sister my annoyance with this, means I hate all animals. I don't care; barking while I'm trying to sleep is inexcusable and also the main reason I don't have a dog.

* I had the weirdest dream the other day. I was at the mall and I ran into one of my high school teachers, who upon seeing me promptly dragged me back to school because I never graduated. And that wasn't even the weirdest part; instead of going to the high school, we went to an elementary school.

* Thursday I have work until midnight. Yay: Money! Nay: I'm already tired just thinking about staying up that late after going to school the whole day. (Now I feel old...)



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