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It is 8:50pm and I just unhooked my bra, no feeling quite like it. (Okay so I cheated and took the damn thing completely off, still the point remains.) How is your day so far?

My dad apparently learned of my and J. living together and is doing his usual thing of completely unsubtle interrogation. He seems a bit surprised for which I don't blame him, I think everyone was a little surprised at how fast we moved in together, including J. and me. The only issue I have with the interrogation is that it's generally me who gets interrogated instead of the person he's asking about. /sad face
Anyway I braved through it, a lot easier to do if there is about 3000 miles between you and the person doing the questioning I have to say. Again a reason to be glad I live abroad.

Bonus points if you get the reference in the title! I've had this bit in my head all day for some reason.
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Must be Tuesday: delayed train + drizzle = yuck.
It can only get better from here on right?
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It's an odd day, today. Kind of quiet and the office stuffy and warm since they took away our air conditioning unit which looked like a bigger version of R2D2 (this is mostly a good thing since was like sitting next to a vacuum cleaner all day, while it was on).

Stuffy & Warm = major headache by the time I went home. Ow.

Of course I spent the evening watching Top Gear and playing Draw Something on my phone, so that helped as both of those things require little brain power. :)
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Example: at the end of every call agents are required to ask the user if there is anything else the agent can help the user with. This particular user requested a bacon sandwich, heh.
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Going to the doctor for a medical (almost typed Mexican there) certificate for work because of an illness that has already passed* only to come home with a throat ache and a long list of prescribed medications. #fml
I mean, how the fuck does that happen? Might there be some truth in the paranoia towards the medical institute the western world reveres?

*I maybe sort of forgot I would need a medical cert hence the illness being mostly gone already.
No cert = disciplinary action and as I'm handing in my notice in the next few weeks I'm a little bit afraid they'll fire me on the spot instead of the customary one month notice period.

It still really hurts. /small voice
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Oh God, you know your work life if fucked when the only reason you want to go back to work is because you're 98% sure your feet will be less cold at work than when you stay home.
Of course having said that chances are the aircon will be on the fritz again come Monday and the place will be freezing.

In better news I have finished watching the third season of Justified )


Jan. 3rd, 2012 03:23 pm
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January 2011 - Greater London, UK

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Jan. 2nd, 2012 08:08 pm
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August 2011 - Knokke-Heist, Belgium

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Oh my god, most boring shift at the pool ever! Everything is clean and/or restocked, there is nothing left to do but wait until everyone has left.

Not even the two cute guys I'm working with can alleviate this level of boredom. Le sigh.
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Hello Suits, seven minutes into the first episode and I love you already for quoting Freakonomics. ♥
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brb, dying of heat stroke.

ETA: The temperature has actually gone up now; it is 46.8 degrees Celsius in my backyard.
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"The sign on the well-tended lawn read THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE SUN CENTER - Only Jesus Rose from the Dead.
I snorted as I opened my door and emerged from Hugo's car. 'That right there is false,' I pointed out to my companion. 'Lazarus rose from the dead, too. Jerks can't even get their scripture right.'"
p. 120 Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris
Help the sun melted the spine of my book making the first 26 pages come loose. :(
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"I wish this were a dream. Yet here I undeniably was, Sookie Stackhouse, waitress and mindreader, sitting on a branch in the woods in the dead of night, armed with nothing more than a pocket knife."

p. 306 Dead until Dark, Charlaine Harris
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I had my first riding lesson in, oof more than year, tonight and even though I can already tell I'm going to be sore all over tomorrow I had a really good time. For some reason I felt it went better than when I last tried it, I'm pretty sure I'm not in better shape than last year but l was still able to keep up better with the rest of the group than I expected. Might also have something to do with me finally taking a page from my sister's book by not being such pussy and instead just going for it. ;)
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Okay more in the morning, it's 00:05 am here and I feel a little brain dead at the moment.
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  • 13:26 So who was it that ordered the snow for today? Very fucking funny. I got soaked to the bone. :( #

LoudTwitter, is loud.
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  • 12:35 I was up til 5 last night. Reading Jane Austen. I'm such à nerd. haha #

LoudTwitter, is loud.
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  • 13:15 @simonpegg haha I especially like the tagline! #
  • 13:23 I watched Casino Royale last night and I knew more about the featured cars than the guy I was watching it with. Damn you Top Gear! #
  • 15:35 Studying outside in the sun, what could be better than that? (Aside from the obvious; not studying.) #
LoudTwitter, is loud.
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  • 21:46 I have an iPhone!! Finally. Only downside so far; I bought it from a smoker, so it smells terrible. Otherwise it's all yay! #

LoudTwitter, is loud.


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